Weight-Loss Thermal Cream


Try our Thermal Cream for a beautifully shaped body! It slims your waist, lifts buttocks, reduces cellulite, and firms skin. Eveline Cosmetics created this special formula that warms your skin gently, helping active ingredients work better and reduce fat. See a slimmer waist, firmer buttocks, and smoother skin. Get ready to feel more confident and radiant with our Thermal Cream!


Experience the transformative power of our Thermal Cream – your ultimate solution for a beautifully shaped body! Unveil a slimmer waistline and lifted buttocks as you redefine your contours. Our cutting-edge Thermo Active Shaping cream, boasts a remarkable blend of advanced ingredients designed to sculpt your physique. The THERMO FAT BURNER formula creates a gentle warming sensation, ensuring swift absorption of potent compounds deep into your skin. Watch as adipose tissue diminishes, your waistline refines, and your buttocks regain their natural beauty. This exceptional cream doesn’t stop there – it ignites micro-circulation in cellulite-prone areas, smoothing uneven textures and enhancing skin elasticity. Don’t wait to discover the magic of our Thermal Cream – your path to a more sculpted, firm, and radiant you!

Includes: 30, 50, 0r 80 grams. (pump bottle).  Shipping charged separately.

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Bottle Size

30 Grams $35, 50 Grams $55, 80 Grams $85