Blood Pressure Cuff


Conveniently measure your vitals at home for your tele-health appointments with our new full-featured Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor.




Introducing our at-home Blood Pressure Cuff, a reliable companion for monitoring your health and recording your vitals for your tele-health consultations. This cuff boasts a clear LCD digital display ensuring legibility and ease of use. Equipped with an Arm Blood Pressure Pulse Monitor, it utilizes intelligent pressure technology and the oscillometric blood pressure measurement method to accurately assess blood pressure. The WHO warning message function provides valuable insights, and the overpressure protection ensures your safety during use. Enjoy added convenience with a built-in clock feature and an irregular heartbeat tip for early detection. With a thoughtful automatic shutdown after 1 minute of inactivity, this cuff is both efficient and energy-saving. Its double mode allows for the storage of 90 sets of measurements in each mode, providing comprehensive health tracking. Invest in your well-being with our Blood Pressure Cuff, your reliable partner for proactive health management.

How to use the Blood Pressure Cuff:

  1. Sit quietly and relax before measuring.
  2. Place the wrist band with palms up, parallel to the heart.
  3. Align the intake pipe with the arteries, keeping palms up.
  4. Wrap the wristband tightly in the opposite direction, securing it.
  5. Insert one finger for a snug fit.
  6. Ensure the wristband remains parallel to the heart with palms up.
  7. Press the on/off button, stay relaxed, and initiate the measurement.
  8. View high pressure, low pressure, and pulse displayed within 40 seconds.