Starting at: $130/Month

Annual Medical Weight-Loss Plan

Plan Includes:
annual membership weight loss plan - phentermine


Starting at: $160/Month

Phentermine is an FDA approved weight loss medication.  It is doctor recommended for weight loss & maintenance.

Weekly Programs

4 Week Program
8 Week Program
12 Week Program

Monthly Packages

1 Month Package - $328.00
2 Month Package - $488.00
3 Month Package - $648.00

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Starting at: $170/Month

Are you facing the issue of low testosterone levels? Do you feel exhausted with no sex drive? You have come to the right place. Get our Testosterone Replacement Therapy and start living again!
2 Month Therapy Includes:


Starting at: $259/Month

Trimix is generally an effective, low-cost treatment for ED, especially for patients who have not had good results from PDE5.

Monthly Therapy Includes